Differentiated production

The range of products meets the needs of companies operating in different sectors, from the production of pet food, animal feed, organic fertilizers, the chemicals industry, and as alternative energy sources.
Salgaim Service's specialized trucks, which are all equipped to meet the regulations, collect ABPs from the widespread and slaughterhouses, butchers, processing workshops etc., taking the materials to one of the three rendering plants, depending on the category and type of ABP.

For the rendering operations, each plant has dedicated rendering lines that allow superior-quality, differentiated and guaranteed products to be produced. Two such products have been deposited at the national registry of manufacturers of organic and biological fertilizers.

Over 50 products are produced which are grouped into the two macro-categories of animal fats and animal bone meals.



The meat and bone meals (MBMs) are prepared in suitable units, with dedicated rendering lines according to the animal origin of the raw materials. Known for their high essential amino acids content and high digestibility, they are also a good source of minerals; they are particularly rich in water-soluble vitamins and, in particular, B12. To meet all customer needs, you can request customized animal fat mixtures and protein cattle-cake, with the guarantee of all quality standards.

  • Mixed animal tissue protein meal
  • Pure pork protein meal
  • Poultry protein meal
  • Feather protein meal
  • Meals mix


The rendering of the ABPs and their transformation into MBMs, is connected to the extraction of natural triglycerides made up of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids used widely in various and important sectors:

  • Animal fats for industry
  • Animal fats for animal feed
  • Animal fats for pet foods
  • Animal fats for energy