Rendering unit at Lugo di Campagna Lupia


This is the historical and main site in terms of working capacity. It was fully renovated in 1990 and then again in 2003. Today it renders category-3 ABPs and has two rendering lines which separately process raw ABPs of bovine and mixed origin.

The systems have been designed to the latest technologies and are equipped with fully computerized systems for monitoring production, and a thermal destructor for the treatment of process water and odours elimination.

Inside, the plant has a separate line for recycling used cooking oils (UCOs) destined for industrial uses.

Items treated:

  • FARAN - MBM (meat and bone meal) - Protein STQ 46-48%
  • FAR0060 - MBM - Protein STQ 58-62%
  • FAR0055 - MBM - Protein STQ 53-57%
  • GRAUZ - Animal fat - FFA 4%, 7%, 10%
  • SEGUZ- Animal fat - FFA 2%, 4%
  • GRAUE - Animal fat for certified bioliquids and biofuel

Rendering unit at Morsano
al Tagliamento


Set up to meet the new requirements that the market has had to address as a result of BSE and the subsequent health care legislation, this rendering unit is reserved exclusively for the processing and disposal of category-1 and category-2 materials considered to be at risk.

The unit is fully self-sufficient, that is capable of powering itself, and of containing energy consumptions to the greatest degree, so as to safeguard the environment.

Its production capability can be triplicated at any time to cater to health emergencies that require the disposal of sizeable amounts of organic materials.


Rendering unit at


The latest rendering unit in order of time of starting operations, it meets the desire of Salgaim Ecologic to offer the market a range of products that can meet the needs of different markets. It indeed is equipped with two rendering lines, which process only category-3 poultry and pig materials.

It has been built using the most advanced technology so as to minimize its impact on the area, and to optimize the processes in terms of energy saving.

It fully reflects the corporate philosophy that underlies choices of plant that respects the requirements of special products intended for pet foods, and of environmental protection.

Items treated:

  • FARPIU - hydrolyzed animal protein meals - Protein STQ 75%
  • FARAV - poultry meal - Protein STQ 58-62%
  • GRAAV - poultry fat - FFA 7%, 10%