SEB - Servizi Ecologici Brenta


SEB S.r.l. was founded in 2000 as a limited liability company, and is recognized by RENOILS, the national consortium for mandatory collection and rendering of used cooking oils (UCOs). The firm collects vegetable and animal oils and fats produced by catering establishments of North-Eastern Italy, and then renders them at the plant in Lugo di Campagna Lupia (VE).

The business has recently been flanked by the collection of also used home cooking oils after agreements were signed between some Veneto municipalities to set up ecological recycling centres. Data on fat and oil consumption show that the dispersion of used oils into the environment causes serious pollution whereas, through rendering and recycling, they can be exploited for energy. Biodiesel is one such example.

This is precisely the goal of the new initiative launched by SEB: to involve town and city administrations in an environmental protection scheme which, on the one hand, eliminates the source of pollution and, on the other, allows the local authorities to dispose of the fuel needed for running public transport services, while fully respecting the environment and reaping the benefits of savings on current fuel sources. Many municipalities have already joined the project and have achieved excellent results.